Denizli Cable Car is one of the must-see areas for those who come to our city.
It is possible to reach from the stops on the crossing routes every 15 minutes on weekends and 30 minutes on weekdays from Denizli Metropolitan Municipality buses for the transportation of citizens who want to take the cable car in Bağbaşı Pedestrian.
(22 / T Garage – Teachers’ House – Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard – Çınar – İstiklal – Pamukkale Municipality – Acıpayam Boulevard – Dormitory Junction – Pamukkale University Hospital – New Road – Cable Car Substation.)
The minibuses operating on the Yeniyol Route and going to Gökpınar can provide access to the Cable Car Sub-Boarding Station.
You can reach the cable car by taxi from anywhere in Denizli.
If you are going to go with your private vehicle, when you come to Bağbaşı, the signage already welcomes you. Although it seems very remote, you provide transportation in a short time. You can find the opportunity to park your car in Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Cable Car Sub Station car park for 300 cars free of charge and enjoy the cable car.
With the Automatic Control system, technical personnel are available at all stations of the cable car line where each stage is monitored. In case of technical problems, the “evacuation procedure paralel is applied in parallel with the signals of the Emergency Alert system. The electric motors in the line 3 min. It transfers the task to the diesel engines, the line is advanced quickly and evacuates the passengers quickly.
With the trainings they have received from many different organizations, the Ropeway Emergency Support Team is able to respond to the problems immediately and in case of need, groups such as JAK (Gendarmerie Search and Rescue), AFAD and AKUT are rapidly adding to the solution.
Denizli Cable Car; She is traveling with 24 Cabins for 8 people. Every 30 seconds, 1 cabin arrives, Detachable Gondola system running continuously in the cable car line, cabin entering the station; When coming to the evacuation area is slowed down, passengers are provided to get up and down easily.
Designed to operate in all weather conditions such as rain, snow and type, Denizli Ropeway system can only provide intermittent service in windy weather. 70 km / h wind-resistant system; 3-stage warning in the automatic monitoring process.
1-When the wind speed is 40 km / h from the masts, visual and audible warnings will start to attract the operator’s attention. Trained operators conducting this monitoring at 4 different stations share this data with the Facility Shift Supervisor.
2-When the wind reaches 60–65 km / h, customer acceptance is stopped for security reasons and customers on the line are evacuated immediately.
3-The ropeway is completely closed until the wind speed and direction are reduced to safe limits.
You can get your tickets at the ticket offices which use the digital ticket system at Denizli Teleferik Sub Station. There is no online ticket sale yet.
Credit card is not valid.
Incorrect tickets are replaced.
Baby strollers and bicycles are available. Bikes (until noon) are free of charge. Passengers are put in the same cabin.

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